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Cedar Rapids Podiatrist William Knudson Discusses Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Fallen Arches

Fallen arches are a common cause of foot pain, according to former Cedar Rapids podiatrist Dr. William Knudson. To better understand fallen arches, William Knudson says it is important to know the symptoms, causes and treatment of this condition that often affected his patients in Cedar Rapids.

During his tenure in Cedar Rapids, William Knudson advised patients of the many different symptoms associated with fallen arches. Most typically he noted that the pain is not located in the entire arch of the foot but in one specific area. Often, William Knudson saw patients in Cedar Rapids that reported pain from standing that would become worse after walking for a time. Along with the pain, some of those Cedar Rapids patients experienced swelling, added William Knudson. Cedar Rapids’ William Knudson also saw patients with fallen arches due to an injury. Those who had not experienced any typical injury would sometimes see their pain subside, however, when William Knudson had patients in Cedar Rapids that had suffered foot injuries, they would often experience pain that radiated through the entire foot.

So what caused those fallen arches? William Knudson, who recently relocated his practice from Cedar Rapids to the East Coast, says that everything from repetitive sports activities or even simple aging caused the fallen arches. At his podiatry practice in Cedar Rapids, Dr. William Knudson saw patients with minor injuries that developed into fallen arches. Another common cause of fallen arches among Cedar Rapids citizens, according to William Knudson, was standing on hard surfaces in one place for extended times. William Knudson frequently reminded his patients in Cedar Rapids that the arch of the foot is composed of bones and joints. These tightly held bones and joints form a “bridge of sorts”. Repeated force, weight, or just plain old age can force that “bridge” to buckle or break causing great pain, added Cedar Rapids podiatrist William Knudson.

When Cedar Rapids patients asked William Knudson how to treat minor cases of fallen arches he often suggested over-the-counter arch supports. Throughout his years of practice in the Cedar Rapids area, William Knudson would observe that these over-the-counter supports provided temporary relief. For immediate treatment of fallen arches, according to former Cedar Rapids podiatrist William Knudson, another treatment option might be to simply rest and ice the foot. So while the pain of fallen arches may have been common, according to Cedar Rapids podiatrist William Knudson, there were several effective treatments to relieve the pain.


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